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Gold 100 Gram Logam Mulia Minted Bar Offer Valid While Stocks Last!
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Silver Coin Canadian Maple Leaf 2019 - 1 oz Available for bullion storage: Contact us for more information.
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I have purchased several times from Silverbullion and must comment that I am very pleased with the way the team handled my order to delivery. It was done with professionalism each time. The staff who attended to me on delivery has always been accommodating and helpful. They also took the opportunity to enlighten and equip me with valuable knowledge and information related to investment in precious metal and were very patient in answering any questions that I may have.

Keep up the good work!

Nancy Yew

Nancy Yew, July 2017

I am a first time buyer of Silver Bullion. This is certainly a great place to purchase investment grade silver. Professional customer service as well. 

Cheng Chin Chuan, February 2018